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We would like to thank San Diego State University The School of Art and Design, and The H. R. Park School of Communications and the Screen Studies Program, Ithaca College for their support.

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H O M E | Women's Networks was a two-day workshop around the notion of “Home” in our era, and in relation to the contemporary context of Greece.

The workshop extends research initiated during ISEA Istanbul 2011. There, a number of Turkish women active in media convened to facilitate a “gün” as the basis of a new kind of cultural exchange taking into consideration both social and technological networks.



Gün draws on the Turkish tradition of women’s social gatherings called “gün” (meaning “day” in English). A gün is a ladies’ gathering that involves conversation, activities and festivities accompanied by the serving of Turkish food. Gün(s) are informal hubs of social networks where women exchange recipes and skills; share opinions and remedies, and discuss issues and concerns about their local communities. The project leading to a book extends this tradition into an investigation of Turkish women working with media around feminist concerns.

In Athens, participants worked together to create this online publication as a continuation of this cultural exchange.

The workshop “Gün: Women’s Networks” took place at Frown in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Athens and within the framework of “Home/s”, an exhibition of ArtUP! Media art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey held at the Benaki Museum in Athens, in October, 2013.

H O M E | Women's Networks: Athens

Workshop facilitators:
Arzu Ozkal and
Claudia Costa Pederson

Daphne Dragona,
Katerina Gkoutziouli,
Goethe Institut

Olga Alexopoulou,
Natalia Rozalina Avlona,
Hera Buyuktasciyan,
Elena Demetria Chantiz,
Thalia Chrousos,
Melania Damianou,
Nina Franco,
Eri Koraka
Chara Loka,
Kalina Ntampiza
Deniz Senol Sert
Polina Zioga


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BIOS Of Participants

OLGA ALEXOPOULOU | Olga Alexopoulou Athenian born [b. 1980], a graduate of the Ruskin School of Art of Oxford University, now lives and has her studio in Istanbul. The historian Heinrich Hall notes, 'Alexopoulou is a painter with an obsession: the colour blue. For her, blue is not just a pleasant accident of sea or sky or faraway hills, blue is a world unto itself'. The historian Nikos Sigalas, Institut Français d'Etudes Anatoliennes, writes: 'The work on display constitutes nature's epic: austere in words (in the signs of men) yet powerful as the hour of the tempest or a summit's moment of illumined unconcealment. Olga Alexopoulou is sparing with words, her images speaking in silence, mute words in a language beyond the common sign, a turbulence of depth.' olgaalexopoulou.com

NATALIA ROZALINA AVLONA | is an independent reseacher and artist, based in Athens and London. She is a 2006 graduate of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Department of Law (LLB) and have obtained a Master's Degree in Law (LLM) from King's College London in 2007, whilst she continued her studies in Cultural Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her work merges her curatorial and artistic practices.

She has worked in various exhibitions and research projects, on issues of art and digital-physical spaces, in UK, Belgium and Greece. She is currently reasearching issues of the body in contemporary art, with a particular interest in the moving image at the Royal College of Art, which she joined in 2011.

HERA BUYUKTASCIYAN | Hera Büyüktaşçıyan (b. 1984, Istanbul) is an artist based in Istanbul. Graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty Painting department (2006). Her works deal with notions of otherness, belonging, xenophobia, social identity and memory.

Hera's works emphasize on the notion of the 'other'. How do we perceive this 'other'? "She combines this notion with the concepts of absence and invisibility to compose an imaginary connection through identity, memory, space & time". By using metaphors from local myths, historic and iconographic elements, she opens a new narrative scope for the 'other'. In her recent works to inquire the meaning of 'absence' within the collective memory, she focuses on urban transformation, which causes total disappearance & destruction and isolation and otherness within the framework of communities, history, time-space and memory. herabuyuktascian.blogspot.com

ELENA DEMETRIA CHANTZIS | Elena Demetria Chantzis is an Athens born half greek/half italian architect, who studied in Rome and Milan. Is currently living in Athens where she explores ways to combine different disciplines such as architecture, fashion, graphics and design with all the sub-themes in which they are articulated, from urban projects to textiles and sewing, from scenography to illustration and photography. This is made through a fashion project that she actually runs, through different  commitions and other personal projects and collaborations. elena-chantzis.hotglue.me

THALIA CHROUSOS | Thalia Chrousos is an architect. Born to Greek parents and raised in Washington D.C. until a move to Athens, Greece at age 13. She returned to America to go to school at Cornell University and then came back to Greece again. Interested in the experiential aspects of architecture and a supporter of feminism and sustainability.

MELANIA DAMIANOU a visual artist. Gratuated from the Athens School of Fine Art (painting, photography, scenography). Her works include collage/painting, photography, objects and texts(short-form stories). 2001, solo show/painting: Invisible Cities (Zoumboulakis Gallery), 2010 solo show/photography: Consonances/Unseen Scenery, Athens Photo Festival:10. She's focused on the hidden ways of identity's making/deconstructing through the stereotypes and the oblivion of the self. She currently lives and works in Athens.



NINA FRANCO | Nina Franco has studied photography at UESA in Rio de Janeiro. She has worked for a number of editorials and commercials for Brazilian publications and brands. In 2012 she moved to Ireland for a year, where she participated in solo and group exhibitions (her first whole year without sun!). Nowadays she lives and works in Athens, while she tries to travel as much as possible. She shoots both digital and analogue. Her work focuses on themes about women and society.ninafranco.com

ERI KORAKA | Eri Koraka was born in Athens, Greece in 1977. She studied at the University of Piraeus in the Department of Statistics and Insurance Science. Since 2000 she works in the Athens Exchange where she has mainly participated in the conducting of several financial surveys as well as the development and promotion of new financial products. In 2007, in parallel to her work, she received an MBA for Executives from the University of Piraeus. In her voluntary activities, she has participated in the organization of cultural events for youth groups as well as the development of the megarevma.gr/el/

CHARA LOKA | CHARA LOKA is a policy advisor/project manager working for local government in Athens, but travelling back and forth to Istanbul. She studied Law and holds an MSc in Public Policy and Public Management (UCL, London). Chara has worked for many years in development projects in Europe, the Middle East and Southeastern Asia in the areas of migration, human rights, women empowerment and youth entrepreneurship. She cooperates with a number of NGOs in Greece, Turkey and the Middle East, while she implements and organizes cultural and educational projects in both Athens and Istanbul. In October 2013, she has created her own blog "City Box" Athens – Istanbul, a travel magazine, which includes cultural events, art exhibitions, must-see places and other activities for locals and visitors in both cities. cityboxathista.blogspot.gr/

KALINA NTAMPIZA | is an architect engineer and industrial designer who lives and works in Athens and Thessaloniki. Completed her diploma in AUTH School of Architecture and continued her studies in Italy, obtaining a Masters degree in Industrial Design at Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan. Since her return in Greece she collaborates with various companies and architecture studios in Athens and Thessaloniki in diverse projects. Currently an adjunct lecturer and a PhD candidate in AUTH School of Architecture, her research is mainly focused on the aspect of interconnectivity of digital objects and the effects on the design discipline . Her work as an architect and a designer has been published and awarded, taking part in numerous exhibitions and workshops. thedesignmatrix.wordpress.com/

DENIZ SENOL SERT | was born in Istanbul in 1978 –although her official birth place has changed at age 18 to Yenişehir due to a bureaucratic mistake.  She considers herself as rather chauvinistic about the institutions that she had been a part of: Üsküdar American Academy, Koç University, LSE, CUNY, MiReKoc, and recently ÖzÜ. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at Özyeğin University, while her areas of expertise include forced migration, politics and social movement. Deniz considers herself an active citizen and wants to be part of the change instead of a mere spectator. During summer 2013, she was interviewed by international media for the Gezi protests and she compares "Occupy Gezi" to a lab experiment, testing to see if Turks can really preserve their complex identity. As a young, educated and professional woman she is wondering why she does have to change her lifestyle and the way she lives after what happened in Gezi: "I never understood why people wore chadors, but now I am not questioning anymore. There are many Turkeys-Seculars/Islamists, Sunnis/Alevis, Kurds/Turks, rich/poor. The divisions are a lot. But this current turmoil in Turkey shows us that we can live together".

POLINA ZIOGA | Polina Zioga (born in Athens, Greece) is a multimedia visual artist and currently a PhD Ft Research Student at the Digital Design Studio (DDS) of The Glasgow School of Art, working with digital technologies and new media, creating prints, videos, installations and live audiovisual performances.

Central issues of her artistic practice and research are issues such as corporeality through personal experience and autobiographical references, the reversal and the concepts of metamorphosis, soul, time and decay, drawing a course from the inside/personal to the outside/collective.

Polina Zioga is also a member and participates in national and international organizations and platforms for the visual and new media arts (Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, ArtUP! Digital Collection of the Goethe-Instituts in Ankara, Athens and Sofia, Northern Video Art Network, NOVA) and she works as a visual arts and animation instructor. Since 2004 her work is being presented internationally in art exhibitions, video-art and film festivals and international video-art programs, while she gives artist talks and lectures on the use of new media in art. polina-zioga.com


Kalina Ntampiza

Kalina Ntampiza
Project Statement

Nina Franco

Nina Franco
Project Statement

Chara Loka
Eri Koraka
Olga Alexopoulou
Hera Buyuktasciyan
Deniz Senol Sert
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Elena Demetria Chantzis
Georgia Aliferi
Thalia Chrousos

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